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MCHeads.ru is a large collection of mini blocks or heads for Minecraft divided into categories (alphabet, food and drink strong>, people, decorations, plants, creatures, monsters, animals, blocks). The collection includes about 10 thousand different Minecraft heads, and it is also periodically updated with new blocks. Here you can find a unique block for Minecraft not using mods!

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How did block heads come about?

Where did the heads in Minecraft come from?

The heads appeared in version Minecraft 1.4.2, in the 12w36a snapshot, only 4 heads were added - zombies, Steve, skeleton, creeper and wither skeleton. In the 12w37a snapshot, it became possible to change the head skin of Steve to any skin of a licensed account. In a later version of Minecraft 1.7.2, it became possible to get a head using the command /give @p 397 1 3 {SkullOwner:NICK}.

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Where to get a team?

To get the head (mini-block) you can go in different ways. The site presents five ways to get goals - using the command /give, /summon, /setblock, using NBT code or using a special menu on creative server. Once obtained, the head can be mounted on almost any horizontal or vertical surface in the game.

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